Aerials Safety Guidelines

  • Never go on equipment unless an Enforcer or Trainer AND a competent spotter is present and in the room. (these can be the same person)

  • Never rig equipment unless an Enforcer, Trainer or Pete asks you to.

  • Look up:

    • Don’t walk under apparatus if it’s in use.

    • Be mindful of the people on the walls –They may swing when falling off the walls, so be mindful even when not directly underneath

    • If you are worried about people walking under the apparatus, consult the enforcer on roster.

  • always use safety mats, spotters and/or other appropriate safety equipment

    • There are almost no exceptions to this rule, however, if you think you may be doing something where it is dangerous or not feasible to have a mat, spotters and/or other safety equipment, discuss this with the Enforcer on roster at the time.

  • Don’t go beyond your own capabilities (if you are unsure of your competencies, talk to the Enforcer)

  • No metal on any apparatus:

    • This includes but is not limited to:

      • zippers

      • earrings

      • dangly jewellery

      • buckles

      • pins

      • piercings in general

      • hairpins (if they are necessary to keep your sight clear, they may be used at your own risk, but please ensure they are well secured)

      • no glasses

    • If there are problems with any of this, you may discuss it with the Enforcer on roster at the time. If this will be an ongoing issue, inform them as such so that you don’t have to go through the same thing every time

    • Remember, all damage to the equipment that you cause is paid for by you, in accordance with the SURCAS Aerials Waiver.

  • Learn new tricks only from a suitable instructor:

    • This can be a Trainer or, with approval of Trainer or Enforcer on roster, other people (skill-sharing).

    • Remember, new tricks must be done with a mat, spotter and/or appropriate safety equipment where applicable.

    • It is permissible to try tricks that you have invented yourself; however, it is required to talk the trick through with the Trainer or Enforcer on roster before attempting these tricks.

  • Keep your muscles engaged

  • Warm up dynamically before every session, whether or not you have just come from day practices or other training or physical activity. You must also warm down after each session

  • Mount and dismount properly. i.e:

    • climbing not sliding or dropping down the Tissu

    • Going through knee hang and coming out into hang on Trapeze or Lyra.

    • The only exception to this would be when the apparatus is too low to mount or dismount safely or when doing a different dismount trick.

  • Try to make your panic reaction to hold on and try to get back to a stable position, rather than dropping off the apparatus. If you get stuck, remember that you can ask the Trainer or Enforcer on roster for help.

  • If somebody gives you a correction, either do it immediately, or, if you are unsure about it, come down and speak to the person, the Trainer or Enforcer on roster. Always take corrections seriously, no matter who they come from.

  • Do not talk while on the apparatus. If you are spoken to, dismount the apparatus safely before continuing the conversation.

There will be penalties for not following these rules, including bans from attending aerials lessons or open practices.

Note also that ongoing problems will be dealt with more harshly.

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