Fire Safety Guidelines

  • Listen to the Fire Safety delegates.
  • Ensure hair is wet or covered before entering the fire area
  • only perform tricks that have been attempted without fire
  • only wear natural fibres or non-flammable clothing (cotton, wool, denim etc.)
  • Be aware of what is happening around you. Especially children, animals and
    people with impaired decision making skills!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • no fire-breathing
  • do not light up if there are already a maximum number of people in the space
  • do not ask to light off other people’s equipment (people can offer, but not ask)
    (this stops people from walking into other people’s patterns)
  • do not do non-fire twirling unless it is glow or in a well lit area.
  • if there is a problem with any of the equipment (getting too hot, etc.) inform
    the person in charge of safety immediately.
  • You must prove my competence with a piece of equipment from the SURCAS
    Fire Safety Delegate prior to participating in the activities regardless of prior
    experience. If I have any doubts or questions after this is complete, I will
    immediately seek instruction or advice from the SURCAS Fire Safety
    Delegate (as specified in the SURCAS Aerial Safety Policy).
  • Only twirl with equipment that has been approved by the SURCAS Fire Safety
  • Those who drink will not be allowed to twirl fire

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